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What Is a Meniscectomy?

When it comes to serious knee injuries, two conditions stand above the rest: a torn ACL and a torn meniscus. Both injuries can arise from the same kind of traumatic, sudden, and unnatural movement or impact involving the knee, such as: Suddenly stopping, slowing down, or changing direction (cutting) Pivoting with a firmly planted foot …

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What is Iliotibial Band Syndrome for Joggers and Runners?

Overuse of your muscles and tendons can lead to a whole range of painful and debilitating conditions. While many such overuse injuries are temporary or can be resolved with at-home treatments, that does not make them any less uncomfortable, disruptive, and frustrating. Runners and joggers are particularly prone to overuse injuries in their feet, ankles, …

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Did I Tear My ACL?

ACL If you watch sports regularly, you’ve likely seen an athlete suddenly fall to the ground, writhing in pain and anguish, clutching their knee before being carried off the field or court. Soon after that, the news breaks that the reason the stricken athlete was so upset was not only because of pain or the …

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