Sports & Physical Activities That Cause the Most Injuries

Sports & Physical Activities That Cause the Most Injuries

Injuries are a part of sports. The way we use and move our bodies during many physical activities makes them vulnerable to a wide range of bone, joint, and muscle mishaps. And while almost all sports can lead to injury, the nature of some sports and athletic activities make them more likely to cause injury than others.

Top 15 Sports that caused the Most Injuries

The National Safety Council compiled statistics for the many ways Americans injured themselves playing sports and other recreational activities during 2020. Here are the top 15 sports that caused the most injuries that year for amateurs and professionals alike:

  1. Bicycling: 425,910 injuries
  2. Using exercise equipment: 377,939 injuries
  3. Skateboards, scooters, hoverboards: 217,646 injuries
  4. Basketball: 214,847 injuries
  5. Swimming: 129,708 injuries
  6. Football: 122,181 injuries
  7. Playground equipment: 120,829 injuries
  8. Trampolines: 106,358 injuries
  9. Soccer: 81,452 injuries
  10. Baseball and softball: 70,209 injuries
  11. Fishing: 65,107 injuries
  12. Skating (excl. In-line): 51,331 injuries
  13. Horseback riding: 44,012 injuries
  14. Lacrosse, rugby, misc. ball games: 29,134 injuries
  15. Volleyball: 23,597 injuries

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